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Welcome to VOIP Your Business - Tel:0845 4507544
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We like to keep things simple - that way it's easier to see what you are getting plus helps with budgeting.

One off costs:

  • IP Phones range from £91.40 to £255.75 depending on which model you have.  Obviously the more expensive ones have more functions.
  • Installation - this may not be necessary so long as you have access to a broadband connection through a router/LAN connection.  Cost per phone is £10.
  • Training - again because of the simplicity of the system you will soon be finding your way around the phones however we can show you how the phone and the website interact. £150.
Ongoing Costs:
  • Price for hosting each phone per month is £15.00
  • Any calls that are not covered under the system (this will be less than 1p per minute for national and local calls when channelled through our call agent)


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