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Welcome to VOIP Your Business - Tel:0845 4507544

VoIP Your BusinessWELCOME to the world of Hosted VoIP.

If you are in business - whether a one-man-band or a multi-national corporation, you really should be looking into making your phone calls over the internet. This section of the telecoms industry has moved on from its infancy and is now a major player that is revolutionising the way businesses communicate.

VoIP enables telephone calls to be carried over a Broadband connection rather than the telephone network, thus lowering call costs. Using Hosted VoIP for your telecommunications offers much more than just massive savings on your monthly phone bills however. See below plus take a look at the other pages on our website to find out more and how we could help your business.

Here are a few of the reasons why more businesses are moving over to Hosted VoIP Services:

  • New start-up company
  • Re-location of company that needs to keep their existing telephone numbers
  • Company that has several offices around the UK that need to stay in contact - for free!
  • Businesses that are frustrated with telecoms systems that quickly become outdated

We have a solution for you which can be implemented extremely quickly

- just call us on the number above.

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