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Welcome to VOIP Your Business - Tel:0845 4507544

IP TelephoneAbout VoIP Hosting

What is VoIP ?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol - or in layman's terms - The technology that allows us to speak over the internet, anywhere in the world where there's a Broadband connection.

How does VoIP Hosting work ?

  • The system works by hosting or holding all of your companies telephone details including personal and company directory of numbers, voicemail and more, on a server in the UK.  When you connect one of your IP Phones through your internet connection it connects to those details and your phone is then available as if you were still at your office. (If you don't have a broadband connection we can help with that too) Because of this....
  • Calls from one IP Phone on your system to another would be free - anywhere in the world!*
  • Calls to normal phones from the IP Phone would be charged at the equivalent cost as if you were in the UK. (we can offer local & national calls that would be less than 1p per minute)
  • Voicemail and Conferencing is included.
  • Functions available include Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Lists of Missed, Received and Placed Calls etc.
  • You can even operate your IP Phone from your PC or Laptop via your own Website.  Here you can keep track of people in your directory and call them literally at the click of a button, plus manage your phone to forward calls to another phone if you need to go out, listen to your Voicemail and change certain settings on your phone too.
  • On some phone models you can connect your PC to the internet through the back of the phone or 'daisy chain'.
  • Also if any upgrades are available you never need to pay for or make any changes to your system as these will be done automatically at the host site.
What's not included:
  • Your broadband connection although we can supply one if necessary.

*A Broadband connection is required for which there may be a charge

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